getSubDir vs. getProjectDir

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Fri Oct 27 23:47:10 UTC 2000

Hi Ralf,

getProjectDir() doesn't work for instance for my Customer Project.

It consists of:

And the ProjectDir is no Makefile at all, it contains only
qextmdi.kdevprj. There's only a Makefile in the subdirectory qextmdi.

So your "bugfix" makes 'make clean' impossible for me again. :-(
Please, could you fix it back to getSubDir()?

I suppose, you created a new bug with your getProjectDir(). ;-)
Because I do not understand why you want to make clean in a directory
where only project files are. I thought 'make distclean' is for that
kind of cleaing up.

So what is a solution that fits for _all_ projects?

  F at lk

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