button order in maximized state

Sandy Meier smeier at kdevelop.org
Sun Oct 22 12:18:46 UTC 2000

On Son, 22 Okt 2000, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in getting your opinion whether I should reorder the MDI
> buttons of a maximized MDI view in the menubar to KDE2 style (on the
> left-hand side is close, on the right-hand side is undock, minimize,
> maximize/restore) or if the current look is OK.
> I vote for the current look of a maximized MDI view but I like to hear
> your opinion.

I think left-hand close would be more intuitive.
BTW: Can you make the background colors of the buttons transparent? Just 
switch to an other color scheme and you will see what I mean. :-)


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