two new apps made with kdevelop

Sandy Meier smeier at
Thu Oct 19 09:27:40 UTC 2000

Am Don, 19 Okt 2000 schrieben Sie:
> Hi there,
> KDevelop projects. Could we have a closer look and if it´s easy enough
> to integrate, put it into KDevelop ? Together with an rpm build option
> like two checkboxes, one for a srpm and one for an rpm, then an Ok
> button to generate the stuff with output sent to the output window ?
> Just an idea.

Yes, I think for KDevelop2 as a plugin really nice. :-) 

> oh, and setting it to our list of apps made with kdevelop of course ;-)

I will add it. 

BTW: I plan to rewrite the complete homepage code so everyone
can add apps to the list (maybe moderated), everyone with an account can add
news via a webfrontend, change personal settings and so on.


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