kdevelop1.3 port progress

John Birch jbb at kdevelop.org
Wed Nov 29 18:53:36 UTC 2000


For those interested I've dumped the 1.3 port into


(sorry Sandy I don't have any other ftp space available. Kill it soon, as 
it'll be out of date in ten minutes)

You need kdevelop2.0 installed first, so that the icons are available. The 
first time you run it the widgets and toolbars might not display correctly. 
Maybe this is because it uses the kdevelop2.0 config file which confuses it? 
Just shut it down and restart.

There's lots of little bugs, but it isn't tooooo bad. Even the debugger 
worked :-)
(Selecting files and editor fonts are the most visible and annoying bug)


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