Bug#15252: KDevelop 2.0 Nov 13 snapshot

Dest dest at syd.eastlink.ca
Mon Nov 13 12:10:12 UTC 2000

Package: kdevelop
Version: v1.9.8 (KDE 2.0)
Severity: grave
Compiler: gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)
OS: FreeBSD 4.2-BETA i386 (compiled sources)

After a little work, I got a kdevelop snapshot compiling on FreeBSD (sys/resource.h seems
to be broken on FreeBSD.. I commented out the include and it seemed to compile fine).

I installed it with prefix as /usr/local, anyway, when I try to start it up, it died, so I fired up a
konsole and got the following:
process% kdevelop
kparts: DockMainWindow::createGUI for 0L
kdevelop: KToolBar::loadState [KToolBar pointer (0x80bdc00) to widget mainToolBar, geometry=1x1+-10+-10]
kdevelop: KToolBar::loadState [KToolBar pointer (0x80e6100) to widget browserToolBar, geometry=1x1+-10+-10]
kdevelop (core): Found Component GrepView
kdecore (KLibLoader): add loaded lib 0x80dbb40
kdevelop (grep view): Building GrepView
kdevelop (grep view): Building GrepWidget
kdevelop (core): Found Component KDevelop editor part
kdecore (KLibLoader): add loaded lib 0x8107680
kdevelop (core): Building editor part
assertion "offers.count() >= 1" failed: file "editormgr.cpp", line 73
KCrash: crashing.... crashRecursionCounter = 2
KCrash: Application Name = kdevelop path = <unknown>

It died with signal 6. Backtrace didn't yield anything useful. I'm wondering if this has
anything to do with taking out resource.h (which was broken anyway) or if it's unrelated
Eitherway it doesn't work under FreeBSD.

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