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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Fri May 26 14:39:48 UTC 2000

Hi guys,

I´ve some interesting news to share so nobody can say he missed
something or doesn´t know of features for months ;-)

Here you go:

a) Ingo Zevenbergen, a friend of mine, has joined us to write a C/C++
Reference based on Docbook. This will replace the current reference
which is not GPL/OPL´ed and not very good at C++ anyway. He will be paid
for this job by Siemens Reseach in Munich. Sandy, if you think we should
give him a CVS account, could you do that with Stephan Kulow ?

b) I will be writing an article for the German Linux-Magazin
( after some quarrels of last year. The payment I
was promised at Braunschweig is now dropped down a 30%, so I asked the
contact person there if they could at least do anything for us that
doesn´t cost them anything or they could drop from their taxes like
sponsoring the website and free abonnements for at least
some of us for a year.

c) I´ve received an answer from TrollTech to show a Qt/Embedded
application developed with Qt under KDevelop and running without X11
where I´ve signed a NDA. I will demonstrate that on the LinuxDays in
Stuttgart and if we get a chance for other exhibitions as well, at least
targeting next year´s CeBit expo in Hannover, Germany at the SuSE booth

d) Contact with SCO is getting on the way. They have now bought me a new
machine that I will (hopefully) get next week. This is inteded to
support SCO with their UnixWare more directly, so I´ll probably also
have to take care of a KDE 2 port to SCO as well as KDevelop packaging
for UnixWare.

So far from here,

Oh Fridolin, oh Fridolin,
schenk´ mir enge Pinguin,
so ene kleene Patschemann,
dat wär´ wat für ming Badewann´

Ralf Nolden

The KDevelop Project

Email: rnolden at

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