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Christian Couder christian at
Wed May 24 08:31:27 UTC 2000

I wrote:

> John Birch wrote:
> >
> > I'm up for the debugger, (surprise, surprise)
> >
> > It also crosses over into the editor. I'm currently in contact with Thomas
> > Capricella who's looking at doing a KVim. Don't know what'll happen here. but
> > if a kpart for KVim and KWrite exists then we might be able to use these.
> I contacted the KWrite people because I would like to port to KWrite first the
> improvements I made on the KWrite code in KDevelop.
> I will tell you about their answer.


I came to an agreement with Jochen Wilhemly.
So I started to implement the comment/uncomment commands in kwrite.
After this I plan to work on the bookmark/breakpoint/leftborder stuff.
And Jochen Wilhemly agreed for me to put these attributes back in the textline as
long as they are kept in an attribute list there.


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