kwrite - please read

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at
Mon May 15 09:11:50 UTC 2000

I think everybody agrees that it is a bad idea that
each project needing a text editor maintained its
own variant of kwrite in the past. So some time ago
the idea was born to put kwrite into kdelibs as a
library. Unfortunately, this has some consequences
for the API: Libraries in kdelibs should retain binary
compatibility for a longer time (1-2 years). But kwrite
was not designed to be used as a library and therefore
doesn't have a clean public API (lots of internal stuff
in public and protected sections), so it would be diffi-
cult to extend in the future. Now Simon Hausmann has
proposed to use kwrite exclusively through a KPart-based
 API. _No_ header files would be installed except for the 
abstract interface in kdelibs/kwrite/ktexteditor.h (which 
kwrite would inherit and implement). 

If KDevelop wants to use this part, it is important that
the interface contains everything which is needed. Because
of binary compatibility, there is not much one can modify
once the libraries are frozen. So everybody who is involved
with KDevelop <-> kwrite interaction (file loading, bookmarks,
debugger, ...), please take a look at ktexteditor.h, subcribe
to kde-core-devel and make useful comments and suggestions.


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