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Ralf Funken RFunken at
Sat May 13 09:44:16 UTC 2000


> > In my opinion everyone should first port all important features/documentation
> > from KDevelop1.2 to KDevelop2,  which he added after the KDevelop1.0beta2
> > release. I saw John have already started to port his debugger.
I'm staying with the documentation and i18n. Got a running docbook and jade now
and the main problem are some links where we didn't use 100% clean sgml code.
Much has to rewritten, though. I compiled KDevelop 2 on KDE 1, but of course I
couldn't run it. Could someone please make a list, how to set up a KDE 2 CVS
version, preferrably in a way I can run both, KDE 1 and 2. ( Just to save me
some time trying out things)
Internationalization : Is there still the po/mo concept or is this solved in
another way? Where can I get info about that? 

Sorry for the questions, but if anyone knows I won't be wasting time searching
the net.



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