the past, present and future of KDevelop

Christian Couder chcouder at
Sat May 13 08:49:35 UTC 2000


Sandy Meier wrote:

> Hi!


> - "Component" Framework, customization framework, dcop interface
> and new colored views (search,make...) (Bernd)
> - integration of Dockwidgets and MDI/SDI incl. complete new filehandling ( Falk
> and Sandy)
> - first test with plugins (Sandy)
> - the dialog editor was removed because the old one wasn't extensible and
>  Pascal wrote a new one. Unfortunately he haven't much time at the moment so we
> need a new volunteer to finish the dialog editor and integrate it into KDevelop

I would like to help to finish it. I think I will have more free time this summer.

> - there is also a new 'basic' parser/lexer by Walter, which will  hopefully
> parse "", C/C++ and maybe some other language in the future.
> In my opinion everyone should first port all important features/documentation
> from KDevelop1.2 to KDevelop2,  which he added after the KDevelop1.0beta2
> release. I saw John have already started to port his debugger.

I would like to help in this area too.


> It follows a list of all subscriber of this mailinglist (kdevelop-devel,
> kdevelop-team) , so everbody knows who is on the road. :-)


> christian at                       ????

This one is my address at work. Sorry for being subscribed twice if it's forbidden.

About KDE2, is there a policy about what KDevelop2 should be compiled with ? Should
we use the beta release or the latest snapshot or the current cvs ?


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