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Fri May 12 15:10:28 UTC 2000


After a successful KDevelop1.x serie (every release was mentioned on!) and one week to relax (the last week :-)) I think we
should coordinate the further work a little bit.  As you know KDevelop2 was
already developed in the HEAD branch since September 1999.  This branch was
more a testing area than a usable application in the last months. Nevertheless
some new features and frameworks are already implemented and work sometimes. :-)

- "Component" Framework, customization framework, dcop interface
and new colored views (search,make...) (Bernd)
- integration of Dockwidgets and MDI/SDI incl. complete new filehandling ( Falk
and Sandy)  
- first test with plugins (Sandy)
- the dialog editor was removed because the old one wasn't extensible and
 Pascal wrote a new one. Unfortunately he haven't much time at the moment so we
need a new volunteer to finish the dialog editor and integrate it into KDevelop
- there is also a new 'basic' parser/lexer by Walter, which will  hopefully
parse "", C/C++ and maybe some other language in the future.

In my opinion everyone should first port all important features/documentation
from KDevelop1.2 to KDevelop2,  which he added after the KDevelop1.0beta2
release. I saw John have already started to port his debugger. 

After this I think we should discuss and add new features. Personally I want to
implement a new framework for the projectmanagment. This will include support
for multiple projectypes (KDE,GNOME, tmake-based...), different subprojects
(binary, shared lib..) and better multiuser support. We should also include the
possibility to add Fortran or Java support in the future.

It follows a list of all subscriber of this mailinglist (kdevelop-devel,
kdevelop-team) , so everbody knows who is on the road. :-)

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