KDevelop tip-of-the-day database suggestion

GeZ gzimmerm at info-ufr.univ-montp2.fr
Fri May 12 05:47:49 UTC 2000

I've read the ChangeLog file from the start (long) and found some features
elsewhere undocumented (or at least, poorly) that are good to know, like the
Ctrl+arrow shortcut to move cursor by word. So I decided to put them in the 
tip.database so they get a chance to be seen by users. I have edited the .en
and .fr files, and I have also taken this opportunity to correct some typos
in the fr file. Also, I've updated it and added a missing tip (the debug-button
menu thing). I know it's a small contribution, but it's my first ;·)

An archive of these files is placed on
fara.cs.uni-potsdam.de/incoming/kdev-1_2-tip_database.tgz; and they are also
on my site http:<http://gez117.free.fr/temp/>.

--  Gaël, 
>> <gzimmerm at info-ufr.univ-montp2.fr> << 
>> <gez117 at free.fr> <<
>> <http://gez117.free.fr> << Under construction, unfinished, full of

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