Wrapper shellscript

Ralf Funken rfunken at kdevelop.de
Sun Mar 19 08:19:32 UTC 2000


unfortunately I can't tell when the following problem first occured. KDevelop
doesn't create the executabe in the right path. Instead it places it in .libs
and creates a wrapper shellscript. The comments in the script say that not
everything needed is installed and the exe couldn't be executed standalone. As
it worked before and I didn't uninstall anything in the meantime, I guess it's
wrong. If I execute the exe in .libs everything works fine. This happens for
all kde projects, qt works as usual. I can recreate this behaviour by simply
creating a new projekt and building it. ( So it's not a problem with any
special libraries).

I mailed Walter but got no answer, maybe he's on holiday. But I think this
should be handled asap. Anyone out there who knows enough about these things to
check it?


Ralf Funken

The KDevelop Project

Email: rfunken at kdevelop.de

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