Documentation installation for Debian 2.2 (Potato) binary package.

chcouder christian at
Wed Mar 15 09:30:52 UTC 2000

Hi again!

I would like to make a KDevelop1.1 binary package for Debian 2.2
(Potato) and I have a problem with the documentation installation.

Currently the package install the documentation in "/usr/share/doc/HTML"
and then KDevelop look for the documentation in
"/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML" so the documentation is not found.
I would like the package to install the documentation in
"/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML" so that the problem would be solved but I
don't know what I should change in the package.
There is a "kde_htmldir" variable everywhere in the package but I don't
know where or how it should be changed.
I tryed to change "/share/doc/HTML"  to "/share/doc/kde/HTML" in the
"configure" script, and then to "./configure" again but in the generated
Makefile there is still  "kde_htmldir = /usr/share/doc/HTML".

Thanks for any help about this.


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