problem with kdevelop-1.1 in FreeBSD

R. Imura imura at
Mon Mar 6 19:10:56 UTC 2000


This causes serious problem with FreeBSD. :-(

diff -u kdevelop-1.1beta2/acinclude.m4 kdevelop-1.1/acinclude.m4
--- kdevelop-1.1beta2/acinclude.m4      Sun Jan 30 23:50:41 2000
+++ kdevelop-1.1/acinclude.m4   Mon Feb 28 00:09:51 2000
@@ -940,7 +1016,6 @@
    for dir in $kde_use_extra_includes; do
      kde_extra_includes="$kde_extra_includes $dir"
-     all_includes="$all_includes -I$dir"

Because many of library are installed in /usr/local/lib but in /usr/X11R6/lib
by default, configure can not detect some of libraries.
libpng is the case.

Please revert this change in the next release, or please tell me a way
if there is that we can set various include-dir.

If someone wishes to install KDE into like /usr/local/kde,
we need at lease four include-dir:


-- R. Imura
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