Fwd: KDevelop 1.1i

Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Sat Mar 4 01:08:13 UTC 2000

jbb wrote:
> I've some minor bug fixes as well to go into this version.
> So, perhaps, 1.1.1 or 1.2 might be a better version number?

Ralf F. told me about that before. Today we worked together at my Linux
box and we found an i18n bug which only affected displaying the
translation, not the po files, in the installation routine (kdevelop
setup) I also found that a rmb menu on the API docs/project manual would
be nice as well as updating the kde-library reference (html docu
generated by kdoc) a bit more to the dirs that are in the KDE 2 libs
(khtml, arts, kparts etc.), so I will have to do some changes on the
docu-generator until sunday (quick fix)

Also I noticed that TT has changed the QWorkspace API for all methods I
used from client* to window*, so I will have to change the templates for
MDI as well ;-(

BTW: who did that cool parsing of kdoc2 reference files ? I showed Ralf
how to create the docu by kdevelop´s docu-generator and by that I found
the books displaying all classes !!! Didn´t know that, because I always
used makekdedoc on KDE 2 libs which was obviously a mistake...KDevelop
knows better than that ;-) That is really cool, I found a new feature in
our own program....;-) which I will for sure never would like to miss
again !

Whoever did that, THANKS !

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