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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Sun Jun 18 08:15:52 UTC 2000

Hi guys,

After I got that new machine from SCO (which works well except for the
RAM causing me to slow it down from 600 to 566 MHz ;-( ), the guy who
got me the machine said they would be willing to sponsor more machines
in the future if a developer of KDevelop is in real need. The only
condition is to test under UnixWare and in the future SCO Linux what
we´re doing. I got two HD´s a 15 GB so there´s enough space to install
whatever OS you prefer for development.

So please send me the dates of your current development machine (CPU,
RAM, HD). I will collect this and forward it to SCO so they can choose
you for a new machine if they have the means available in their
marketing department ;-)


PS: Sandy, I asked for the RAID-controller, RAM and HD´s but that won´t
do it with them as they are more interested in sponsoring complete
machines ;-) (well, for actual development, not for support and delivery
service for KDevelop packaging), I will ask people at the LinuxTag to
sponsor that. Or I´ll get a guitar to sing for money in front of the
dome in Cologne ;-) (they´ll give me money to stop singing for sure !!!

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