KDockMainWindow should get new parents!

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 22:45:21 UTC 2000


I took a look at KPart::MainWindow. That class is:

  #include <ktmainwindow.h>

  namespace KParts
  class MainWindowPrivate;

  /** ...*/
  class MainWindow : public KTMainWindow, virtual public PartBase

You see KPart::MainWindow is actually a special KTMainWindow with
functionality, additionally.
The class KTMainWindow itself is located in kdelibs/kdeui.

Well, after all, please forgot my suggestion to inherit KDockMainWindow
KPart::MainWindow! I checked it all deeper and come to this conclusion:
Since KDockMainWindow is a special KTMainWindow (because it adds
dock-functionality), the best would be to provide this new additional

  #include <dockwidget.h>

  namespace KParts
  class DockMainWindowPrivate;

  /** ...*/
  class DockMainWindow : public KDockMainWindow, virtual public PartBase


The files will be kpart/dockmainwindow.h and kpart/dockmainwindow.cpp

==> So we don't need to touch the Dockwidget class set in kdelibs/kdeui.
==> We will get a new kind of KPart
==> kdelibs will only be extended, not hurted in binary-compatibility.

At the moment, to my mind, this is the best solution.
What do you think about that??? Do I miss something?

  F at lk

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