class KDevelop

Sandy Meier smeier at
Fri Jun 16 10:17:32 UTC 2000

> > As I wrote the only solution would be (in my opinion :-)) a copy of
> > KDockMainWindow in KDevelop which inherits KParts::MainWindow because we
> > can't change the inheritence in kdelibs and multiple inheritence isn't
> > possible.:-( If we can't have 2 classes with the same name in one "address
> > space", one in the binary and one in the libs maybe we could rename the
> > KDockMainWindow class?
> Sorry Sandy - I missed the "copy" bit. 
Was my fault, I haven't say this explicit. :-)

>Thought we were talking of changes in 
> the kdelibs to do this. Adding this to our sources would work, of course, but 
> Falk worked so hard to get the dock stuff into kdelibs it would be a shame 
> not to use it. :-)

Yes, I would also prefer not to copy the source, but to inherit
KDockMainWindow from KParts::Mainwindow in the kdelibs. (as mentioned on some
mails). This would be the best solution.


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