class KDevelop

John Birch jbb at
Fri Jun 16 08:33:41 UTC 2000

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, you wrote:
> Falk Brettschneider wrote:
> > > CKDevelop--inherits-->DockMainWindow--inherits-->KPart::MainWindow--inh
> > >erits-->KTMainWindow
> >
> > CKDevelop--inherits-->DockMainWindow--inherits--inherits-->KTMainWindow--
> >>KPart::MainWindow
> Or just the other way round...  8-)


That's KDockMainWindow not DockMainWindow - right?

but these classes are defined as
class KDockMainWindow : public KTMainWindow
class KParts:MainWindow : public KTMainWindow, virtual public PartBase

and we want
class CKDevelop : public KDockMainWIndow, public KParts::MainWindow

but that gives us two instances of KTMainWindow - which would be incorrect 

You'd need
class KDockMainWindow : public virtual KTMainWindow
class KParts:MainWindow : public virtual KTMainWindow, virtual public PartBase

And then you'll left with the problem of QObject ... that forces us to 
rethink this regardless.

I've also just ran into some other problems with using kparts (not fatal, but 
unexpected). I expect I'm not understanding things properly. sigh


PS: I'm not sure whether "virtual public PartBase" is the same as "public 
virtual PartBase". My manual is a bit confused on this topic. Anybody?

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