new dialogeditor for KDevelop2

Sandy Meier smeier at
Wed Jun 7 17:12:12 UTC 2000


As you already know we don't have a dialogeditor in the current KDevelop2
version. There were many reasons for this: The old one wasn't "maintainable"
anymore and Pascal started to implemented a new dialogeditor. Unfortunately he
haven't the time to do much work on this. So Pascal send me his first version
of his dialogeditor some days ago.  I have repackaged it and  fixed some
problems so it should work now on current KDE2 systems. You can download this
version from "" .

Because building and starting is a little bit "complicate", please use the
"./start" script which will compile and start the dialogeditor. 
In the next months we need a new maintainer(s) for this, but I think the
kwrite part integration had more priority at the moment. Nevertheless if
somebody would like to start hacking on this stuff today , just go ahead. :-) 

The dialogeditor doesn't use the Q_PROPERTY feature, but as Bernd  mentioned
in an early email, we should use this cool feature to reduce the code of the
dialogeditor and to have an easy way to add new widgetcomponents. Maybe sometime
we will be able to support the datawidget lib.
( This would be really _cool_. :-)


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