Using ktexteditor in kdevelop

Christian Couder christian at
Wed Jun 7 10:16:42 UTC 2000

John Birch wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've hacked in the ktexteditor interface into a local kdevelop2.0. I had to
> do a fair bit of damage though that'll need a lot more work (for instance the
> edit menu entries are disabled at the moment) I wasn't worried about being
> tidy so it's a pretty ugly hack. It'll serve as a test bed for adding this
> stuff whilst we get the hang of using it.
> I can produce a diff and upload it, if someone also wants to work on this
> (Christian?) but I'll continue to slash and hack, so it won't stay static
> (and compilable) for long.


I wanted to hack this soon, but first I wanted to make sure that kdevelop would
work if the kwrite cvs directory in kdevelop is replaced by a link to the
kdebase/kwrite cvs directory. Because that's what Simon Hausmann, Ralf and I
agreed to do.

Perhaps if you commit your hack now, then Simon can setup the link just after
your commit, so that I don't need to hack kdevelop to make it work with the
kdebase/kwrite. This would perhaps save a lot of time.

The problem is that for some time Kdevelop will not work as well as now, but I
think it's worth the improvement.

> PS
> I have a feeling that CEditWidget and EditorView may not survive the upcoming
> horror fest :-)

No problem for me.

> This parts stuff is not bad at all. We need to use more of this... :-)

I agree.


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