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Am Fre, 02 Jun 2000 schrieben Sie:
> Ralf Funken wrote:
> > I'm not a vim fan (honest :-)) ) but if you ever tried eg gvim you must admit
> > that it better suits programmers' needs. Maybe we should wait and see what KVim
> > will offer?
> I agree that KVim will probably be nice to have, but we could perhaps have both
> KVim and KWrite.
> If we just wait without trying to have a nice KWrite that fits our needs, we will
> anyway disapoint some people who prefer KWrite.
Well, 'wait' wasn't the right word here. What I meant to say is that we shouldn't
focus on KWrite. It's a fact programmers have different needs than others. KWrite
is a nice editor, but it lacks some of the key features a programmer usually
likes to have. E.g. it doesn't know anything about where to place closing
brackets, it has no idea about keyword completion ... things like that. I can't
imagine this will be in KWrite anytime, because usually you simply don't need
it. Some people asked for macros, vim already knows scripts for this task. Syntax
highlighting is configured via external files. I wanted to add highlighting for
sgml to KDevelop some time ago, but I gave up because it's simply not acceptable
having to hack the editors code only to tell him about certain keywords. 

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