Bug#4337: MesaGL and s

W. Tasin tasin at e-technik.fh-muenchen.de
Fri Jun 2 00:14:22 UTC 2000

Jean Pierre Charalambos wrote:
> Package: kdevelop
> Version: 1.2
> Severity: normal
> Bugreport ID : 16:57,31.05.00
> Originator      : Jean Pierre Charalambos
> E-Mail          : jpchara at ing.unal.edu.co
> Subject : MesaGL and s
> Error Class     : how do I ...
> Error Location  : I don´t know
> Priority        : high
> Bug Description ---------------------------
> I was wondering if you can help me out with 2 questions:
> 1. I have just installed sgmltools into my sistem, but
> kdevelop setup advices me that "sgml2html was not found"

Is it installed on a standard path, where it could be found??

> 2. I'm interesting in developping MesaGL kind of projects
> so I tried a KDE normal OpenGL project. This time the
> advice is: configure:error Qt-OpenGL (librarties) not
> found. Please check your installation. I have slackware 7,
> does it mean my Qt libraries are not complete?

You need to have also the qt-opengl extension installed.
It has to be installed additionally, look into your qt sources, 
there should be a directory called "extensions".
There you will find it.

> Thanks for all the help you can give me
> Jean Pierre

Please let us know if this is done for you ... to close the "bug".


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