KDevelop support for StrongARM GNU Tools?

Daniel G. Clemmensen DanC at Lineo.com
Thu Jul 13 13:01:49 UTC 2000

"Chagas, Jason" wrote:
> What would it take for KDevelop to support the StrongARM cross development
> GNU Tool chain?
> In other words, what would take to have KDevelop fully integrated (GCC, GDB,
> CVS, GAS, code editor, etc...) with the SA GNU embedded tool chain and
> [ideally] running on both Linux and Windows host platforms? I understand
> there are people out there already using KDevelop to develop for StrongARM
> on Linux so it sounds like they already have many of integration issues
> figured out. But are there any areas that still require work to put a
> complete solution together?
> Thanks,
> Jason

I have used Kdevelop 1.1 together with GNU cross-development tools targeted
for the PPC. You don't need to do much: just set a few variables (CC and one other)
in the makefile.am, and add some compiler and linker options in the project wizard.

I was not running the cross-debugger, but that's not hard. Just convince KDevelop
to invoke the correct versin of GDB You can probably do it with an environment
variable or by changing your path variable. Worst case, move your native gdb to
a safe place and replace it with a script that uses an environment variable to
select the the proper GDB. You will need the proper .gdbinit in your home
directory to set the target.

I'd really like to see this capability more cleanly integrated into KDevelop,
but I feel that the way to do it is to give KDevelop a way to configure new
project types. Right now, KDevelop is oriented toward C/C++ KDE GUI projects
running on the same machine. This is great, but the developers have created a
powerful system that can be used for many other types of project, and I feel
that a small amount of extra configurability will permit KDevelop to be used
for a much broader class of projects.

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