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Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Mon Jul 3 21:57:50 UTC 2000

Falk Brettschneider wrote:
> Hi Bernd,
> Tab names or not tab names that is the question?
> Uhmm...once I removed the "titles" of the tab pages to give more space
> for more tabs and the MDI mainframe. The icon should show enough and the
> tooltip is for the curious cats.
> But maybe we will make it configurable...just because of you and me. ;-)
how about making this resize-dependend ? displaying names as long as
possible (as the dockwidget allows), if not full lenth, use three dots
at the end. The stuff could also made be configurable like toolbar icons
(icons only, text only, text under icons, text next to icons).
If that would be achieved, we would be rid of any discussion of personal
preferences there for all times ;-)


PS: sorry I can´t help for the next weeks much but I´ve to learn for my
exams. Martin Konold already told me to freeze my accounts if I don´t

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