kdevelop scrambles file

Benoit Cerrina benoit.cerrina at writeme.com
Thu Jan 27 13:10:49 UTC 2000

On jeu, 27 jan 2000, you wrote:
what about if we check that the file is of type .kdevprj first and refuse to
load a project if it is not.
 > Hi there,
> I just wanted to load a fortran file into kdevelop and accidentally used the
> "open project" button...
> Kdevelop reacted by completely scrambling the file, adding a 
>  # KDE Config File
> and, worse, completely rearranging the contents of the loaded file, as well
> deleting code.
> I think that, if files are changed automatically when loading into kdevelop,
> it should warn the user and, at least, offer to make a backup of the original.
> I am using the latest snapshot (1.0-20000127-A) with Suse 6.3.
> I am not sure if I should post this to the buglist, since I used the "open
> project" button instead of the "open file" button, so it was in some way my
> fault.
> Oli
Benoit Cerrina

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