KDevelop on Alpha with Digital UNIX and multiple users (was Re: KDevelop question)

Christian Couder chcouder at club-internet.fr
Tue Jan 25 07:04:24 UTC 2000

jeichl - John Eichler wrote:

> We are running DEC UNIX on an Alpha server.  Can KDevelop be put on this server and, if it can, is it possible to have multiple users using it?
> Thanks in advance.

Hi John,

Ronald Tanner posted a message a few days ago on this list to say he was working on a KDevelop port to an Alpha running Digital Unix 4.0f.
He had some problems with the editor window.

Are you still here Ronald? How is your port going?

About multiple users, I think that nothing has been done.


PS: please use more explicit subject, it helps us finding out messages as the list traffic is going up.

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