OpenGL Patch for kdevelop-1.1-beta1.0

Robert Robert
Mon Jan 24 01:06:46 UTC 2000


Since I have had several requests for this patch, I have updated it to
the latest release of KDevelop, kdevelop-1.1-beta1.0.  I have uploaded
the file 'kdevelop-1.1-beta1.0_ogl_diff.tar.gz' to the incoming directory
on your FTP server.

Once again, this patch adds an option to the App Wizard, allowing the
creation of an OpenGL application.  This actually requires the Mesa3D
libraries as well as the QT OpenGL extension (which comes with the QT
source distribution but is not compiled by default).

I assume you will get this e-mail?  Yes, lib Xmu is included in the link list.



Robert M. Wheat, Jr.
belran at

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