Revised kdevelop 1.1 release schedule

jbb jbb at
Mon Jan 24 00:26:31 UTC 2000

Hi all,

Here is a revised release schedule for KDevelop 1.1
Mon. 31st Jan
KDevelop 1.1beta2

(aiming for)
Mon 14th Feb
KDevelop 1.1 final release.

No accel keys for debugger (TBD)
tty/console apps using console input (eg cin), cannot be debugged with
integrated debugger. (TBD)
Delete/insert lines before breakpoints cause breakpoint problems (TBD)
Breakpoints not saved for project. (Wait for 2.0?)
Objective C patch - I'm not sure of it's status (Richard D. where do we go
from here?)

Have we missed any essential and available patches?


Much more code than anticipated was added (and changed) to the beta1 version, so
we are going to release this beta2 to check for more gremlins.

We really require all new code to be in by the 31st, if possible, and just bug
fixes on the beta2 after the 31st. Patches and new features that cannot make
this date should be held on the  patch page for 1.1 and merged into kdevelop2
at a later date.

I don't thing it's worth adding too much more to this 1.1 release as it'll
quickly become redundent by kdevelop2 (Well we'll see, but I live in hope :-).

However, this version _should_ be right before release. (ie get your bug reports
in quickly and don't hold back. If you have a patch to fix a bug, that'll speed
the process up tremendously :-)



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