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R. Imura imura at
Thu Jan 20 16:54:48 UTC 2000


I've uploaded a patch for kwrite in kdevelop-1.1-beta1.0.
The file name is "kdevelop-1.1b1-kwrite.diff.gz"
It was improved at JKUG(Japanese KDE Users Group). 

If you apply the patch, kdevelop can handle multi-byte characters in the
editer!! (usually it's for reading/writing comments in our native language)

It also have a feature to handle three kind of Japanese charset.
The routine is called "nkf"(most popular in Japan), and it will work
only if he has "nkf.h". It also have no effect unless KDE_LANG=ja.
(You may wonder what is nkf.h. It comes from another patch to kdelibs,
 and we japanese all have it. Don't worry about it.)

You know, the NORMAL Qt handles single-byte characters only.
So, the feature of our patch will work only if he has Qt-i18n patch.
Don't worry about it, again. :)
Qt-i18n patch is maintained by Junji Takagi and have a special permision
from Troll Tech. It is also very famous in asia.

Our patch never breaks KDevelop, even if under NORMAL Qt.
Please merge this patch in the next release.
This patch will surely make asian people happy!


P.S. The patch includes a dummy part which is to "configure". Since
     kdevelop's archive lacks file like "am_edit", I didn't made "configure"
     from "". Though, if you see the patch, you'll know what
     I wanted to (the bottom of this mail). :)

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---      Sat Jan 15 23:47:21 2000
+++   Thu Jan 20 11:36:59 2000
@@ -54,6 +54,9 @@
+CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS $all_includes"

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