Printing documentation & KDE 2 frame apps

Stefan Heidrich - DI sheidric at
Sun Jan 16 14:38:37 UTC 2000

>> If you mean 1.x then you can take the a2ps documentation out off the kdevelop
>> documentation.
>OK, I will put that out. That was the question because I edited the
>current 1.1 handbook. Sad thing because a2ps worked fine for me ;-( 
>Isn't there a way to ask for the version number ? Maybe not every user
>has a new distribution with a new version, so it would still be very
>useful to let the a2ps dialog in.

Hi Ralf,

the problem is, that the new a2ps has completely other options, which are now
similar to enscript. But when i use the version number, all users with a new
distribution could not use a2ps. I thing, the options for a2ps we have now in
kdevelop should be enough.  And if they say, that they need other option they
can use enscript ( or maybe lpr ) . I give them choices. I personally prefer


PS: If i remember right, lpr use a2ps. 

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