hard wired configuration

Mike Revnell mrevnell at cv3.cv.nrao.edu
Tue Jan 11 23:35:35 UTC 2000

I am trying to install kdevelop onto a maching which has KDE (Red Hat
6.0) but which I do not
have root access on.

I have been able to get the configuration to run and make and make
install to run without error.
The configure command line I used is:

./configure --prefix=/export/home/eddie

When I start kdevelop, however, I get errors concerning files in paths
below /usr/share and the IDE
comes up missing icons and such. I am unable to find any configuration
which references this tree.
There is nothing about it in .kde/share/config/kdeveloprc. Is this path
hard wired?


Mike Revnell
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Socorro, New Mexico
mrevnell at nrao.edu
revnell at ieee.org

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