Feature needed

Uwe Weber uwe.weber at informix.com
Tue Jan 4 16:23:14 UTC 2000

Hello KDevelop Team,
first of all: congratulations for your really 
good work!!!

I'm not sure if this is the correct eMail address. 
If I'm wrong please reply me the correct one...

In KDevelop I'm looking for a chance to change 
the default compiler for a project.
In my case I want to call a preprocessor instead of 
using gcc/g++

What??? It is already implemented? Tell me where! :-)

Best regards and thank you for your time
Uwe Weber

Uwe Weber	                   Trainer Central Europe
Informix Software
Oskar-Messter-Strasse 22        Tel.: +49-(0)89-99613-890
D-85737 Ismaning                FAX.: +49-(0)89-99613-880

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