KDK 1.1 (Release Candidate 1 ;-))

Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Fri Feb 25 17:49:24 UTC 2000

"W. Tasin" wrote:

Hi Walter,

> Please let me know if there are problems or other comments...
Time to update ...

I applied the foldersPatch of Pau Estellela yesterday and already ran in
trouble while applying. After I got it finished and running, I commited
it to cvs, but after instlling myself I found it was a really heavy hack
that caused more trouble in the sources than it did good. So I removed
the patch again and so yesterday night´s (about 1 am) everything was as
before in cvs again. Today I coded the whole stuff myself including some
more (couldn´t resist ;-)
So now we can create classes from rfv folders and the cv, files
(automatically setting the filedialog to the directory) from rfv and cv,
as well as creating 
real directories in the rfv. 

What is missing(but prepared) is deleting a directory recursively. If
anyone has the time to play a bit with rm -rf in the rfv code, just go
ahead....after working on the statusbar messages yesterday connecting
with rmb popups I loaded kdevelop as project an hit "remove from
repository" on the root of the rfv...that was the last time I saw my
work after 2 hours...only object files left !!! So, probably everyone
understands I won´t risk anything today ! ;-)



PS: will be at the CBit fair tomorrow - I´ll have a look out for
kdevelop ;-)

> Bye

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