Add Mess: [Fwd: KDK 1.1 (Release Candidate 1 ;-))]

W. Tasin tasin at
Fri Feb 25 12:00:05 UTC 2000

"W. Tasin" wrote:
> Hi together,
> a new generation of KDK is born. Please test it!!!
> The new KDK contains the following:
> kdevelop 1.1 (yesterdays CVS version)
> ktranslator 0.6.1
> cervisia 0.5.0
> kdbg 1.0.2
> kdoc 2.0a35
> kdelibdocs_kdoc2 1.1
> kdesgmltool 0.5
> c_cpp_reference 1.0 (now installable with autoconf/automake)

It´s me again...

to use it full featured (means with c/c++-reference) please take care of
my ChangeLog message:

If you will install this version on an existing one, you should delete
first the already existing cref.html files, which reside in
(these contain the error-message that c-cpp-reference isn´t installed
... and the local language doc path has the highest priority, so this
message would be shown even if the c-cpp-reference is already installed)

If you are using your own generated kdelibdocs, it would be nice to
start up with "kdevelop --setup" to try if the kdk would find the
correct path to the kdk-kdelibdocs



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