Folder management patch

Pau Estalella pau.estalella at
Thu Feb 24 11:34:33 UTC 2000

Hi there!

I submitted it to the mailing list without knowing this nice
upload feature was available.
Not really management. It just allows addition of folders and classes
inside those folders. If you want deletion, go to RFV, unregister the
files contained in the folder, and that's it! :) (You'll also need to
delete the subdirectory by hand) I also fixed deep subfolder
visualitzation in CV.
For every folder created, a subdirectory is created with the same name,
in order to store classes added to this folder in the subdirectory.

to patch:
  - Go into KDevelop source base directory
  - patch -p1 < foldersPatch

Try it! :)

Pau Estalella

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