KDE studio has code completion-- and it's interesting

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at post.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Feb 14 08:37:40 UTC 2000

John Zedlewski wrote:
Hi John,

read that super-long mail and had a look at the screenshots on the site.
This is interesting and will work for sure...but with some limitations I
can think of:
a) does this include methods from libraries e.g. qt and KDE ?
b) if you want to call a method you just implemented before saving
anything, it will only show you the old methods, but not the one you
just wrote.

Besides, I think this solution is very slow. I tend more to some kind of
database for parsing include files of Qt and KDE as well as the path
given in the Project Options dialog or some other solution, because a
good programmer would edit the automake files to search for his needed
includes. Then we would have the possiblity to include a dialog for
overwriting virtual methods as well. I think as long as the used library
includes are not parsed and available in a permanent database (so code
completion is not limited to the classes of the project only), the
results would not be as the user expects. Further a permanent database
would enhance speed a lot over the KDEStudio system.

Just my 2 cents as I´m not an expert with that. Maybe Jonas could have a
look at it ?


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