Revised - revised kdevelop 1.1 release schedule

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Sat Feb 12 22:35:13 UTC 2000

Hi all,

Here is another revised release schedule for KDevelop 1.1
(aiming for)
Mon 28th Feb
KDevelop 1.1 final release.

tty/console apps using console input (eg cin), cannot be debugged with
integrated debugger. (wait for 2.0)
Delete/insert lines before breakpoints cause breakpoint problems (Wait for 2.0)
Breakpoints not saved for project. (Wait for 2.0)
Namespace parsing. (TBD)

Bugs see below.


It looks as if all the patches are in the current cvs. But  we need to address
at least, the following bugs before kdevelop1.1 can be released

Critical bugs - outstanding:

#2345: KDevelop hangs at startup 77 days old. 
#2411: Crash while scrolling in editor   61 days old. 
#2604: Dialog preview can cause KDE (kwm?) to hang! 11 days old. 
#2625: Error creating KDE application 9 days old. 
#2637: Error during project creation 8 days old.

Grave bugs - outstanding:

#2379: kdevelop can't find my qt libraries 68 days old. 
#2381: I can't mark text in other kdevelop windows while reporting a bug.  68
days old. 
#2439: New KDevelop Project crashes 52 days old. 
#2634: core 8 days old. 
#2636: Duff application created 8 days old. 
#2648: Getting documentation properly installed very difficult  7 days old. 
#2683: Kdevelop doesn't seem to use kdoc correctly (with KDE 1.1.2)

Some Normal bugs should probably be looked at.

Delaying kdevelop1.1 beyond this date would probably be counter-productive
as it will really delay work on kdevelop2.0. Not to mention frazzle my nerves
more that is good for me :-)

BTW: I think 1.1 in cvs is in better shape than 1.0. Some bugs have been fixed
from the 1.0 version and there doesn't seem to be too many problems with the new

Jonas: are you available for namespace parsing problems? If not I shall see if
p_george (kuml), Thomas Regner and myself can work together and nut out a

If anybody has the time to look into a bug please don't hestitate, just pick
one. Even more info on how the bug can be repeated is a valuable contribution.
Don't hestitate to contact me if you have any questions.


ICQ: 60412209

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