Krzysztof Grabowski Krzysztof.Grabowski at
Thu Feb 10 11:45:54 UTC 2000


At the beginning I would like to admit, that kdevelop is great. I've
found it very usefull.

But, .....
There is some points I would like you consider:
1. Sometimes it's very neccesary to view few sources of modules
2. Switching between edit windows using shortcuts
3. In the CV tab we can see declarations and implementations of
functions. But we can go only to
     the implementation.  Why?
4 While opening file dialog box always starts in my home directory.
Usually I open more than one file
   from  choosen directory, and it is a little bit uncomfortable to go
every time to that directory.
   (I know that I can use Favorites, but why can't  it be remebered?)
5. There is lack of posibility or available documentation how to
customize projects.
     How to create projects with many applications.

Of course I don't expect you resolve all these problems at once, at
least not immedietly, but it would
be nice if you think about them.

Krzysztof Grabowski

krzych at

Ps. Sorry for my English.

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