New Kdelibsdoc for testing...

jbb jbb at
Wed Feb 2 08:04:45 UTC 2000

On Wed, 02 Feb 2000, you wrote:
> Hello together,
> I have finished now the new version of the KDE library documentation
> of KDE 1.1.2 ...
> changings from the last version:
> * removing some full pathes in links (which were pointing to the
> creation directory)
> * now the cross-links to the qt-documentation should work
> * the new^2 acinclude.m4, which gets the pathes from kde calls
> So please could you test and install it, before I would put it on the
> ftp-mirror
> (especially Bernd G. for debian and Berndt W. for NetBSD).
> So I wouldn´t spend another version number for this additional ;-).
> Please check it out and report...

Hi Walter,

That all compiles and, on my machine, installs into
that's not supposed to be
ignore if I'm wrong :-)

minor quibble
Its kdoc output, but kdoc2 output looks better :-)


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