Bug#17512: Project Generation/Configuration

David Borowitz skinite at home.com
Thu Dec 21 13:39:30 UTC 2000

Package: kdevelop
Version: 1.3
Severity: grave

Bugreport ID : 08:35,21.12.00

Originator	: David Borowitz
E-Mail		: skinite at home.com

Subject : Project Generation/Configuration

Error Class	: software bug
Error Location	: configuration
Priority	: medium
Bug Description ---------------------------

Whenever a new project is generated and the configure script is run, the script runs fine until it creates config.status. Then, instead of creating makefiles recursively, it tries to generate makefils in the non-existent directory 'test25'

How to repeat the error -------------------

Run configure in the directory of a project created with 1.3beta1 or higher

Bugfix or Workaround ----------------------

Create projects with 1.2? Look through the autoconf files?

System Information ------------------------

KDevelop version	: 1.3
KDE version		: 2.0.1
QT version		: 2.2.3
OS/Distribution		: SuSE 6.4
Compiler		: gcc 2.95.2

misc :

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