Perhaps sth wrong in kdevelopcore.cpp

Omid Givi omid at
Tue Dec 19 09:26:48 UTC 2000

Dear KDev-Team,

While compiling snapshot 'kdevelop20001215', I got the following
compilation error on kdevelopcore.cpp. I'm using KDE 2.0.0 and Qt 2.2.3.
It seems readDockConfig and writeDockConfig are called with only one
parameter, while two are expected. Perhaps a subject to take a look at. If
I'm making a mistake, please let me know.


kdevelopcore.cpp: In method `bool KDevelopCore::openProjectSpace (const
QString &)':
kdevelopcore.cpp:257: no matching function for call to
`KDevelop::readDockConfig (QDomElement &)'
/usr/include/kde/kdockwidget.h:1079: candidates are: void
KDockMainWindow::readDockConfig (KConfig * = 0, QString =
kdevelopcore.cpp: In method `void KDevelopCore::closeProjectSpace ()':
kdevelopcore.cpp:283: no matching function for call to
`KDevelop::writeDockConfig (QDomElement &)'
/usr/include/kde/kdockwidget.h:1071: candidates are: void
KDockMainWindow::writeDockConfig (KConfig * = 0, QString =
make[1]: *** [kdevelopcore.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/omid/download/kdevelop/kdevelop'
make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

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