John Birch jbb at kdevelop.org
Thu Dec 14 19:09:38 UTC 2000


The worst problems I know about have been now squashed. There are still some 
bugs to fix but I think this is now usable. If people could test and send me 
bug reports that would be appreciated. (tag is KDEVELOP_1_4). I hope to 
finish this week but if too many bugs come in then I'll think again. I 
_really_ need help testing this :-)

Known problems
- AppWizard dialog wasn't working properly last time I looked and new 
projects couldn't be generate. The most critical bug now.
- kdevelop HTML settings aren't being honoured. Not implemented yet.
- Bug in feeding KHTMLPart - one extra line is being sent at the end of the 
- Last separator position not restored between sessions.
- Switching between 1.3 and 1.4 gets the Splitter separators confused. Just 
move them and resize the window and it'll come right.
- Again after using 1.3 the toolbar is missing on the first startup of 1.4. 
Just close 1.4 and restart it. No plans to fix.
- lots of others I'm sure

Things fixed over 1.3
- If you have glimpse and htsearch installed the lookup in documentation 
didn't work.
- Glimpse output wasn't parsed correctly.
- There was a couple of other minor things but I forget now.

Ralf, I see there's a bug in 1.3 with running an external debugger (kdbg) 
Could be an underDir problem and might affect other tools? I'll try and look 
at it later, as it'll be in 1.4 as well.

Thanks and have fun,


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