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Ivan Hawkes linuxgroupie at ivanhawkes.com
Sun Dec 10 21:54:15 UTC 2000

After many hours of fighting it out with the makefiles, I have got my little 
contribution into the directory and make structure of the main project. Now, 
I am just struggling with the horror of trying to guess how to integrate the 

I'm guessing that I need to create a widget of some kind to connect my work 
into the main structure. The big question is, what kind?

Here's my guesses as to what to do.

1. Shoehorn project into the parts directory and add my directory into the 
list of directories in the parts Makefile.am

NOTE: I have done this, and run make -f Makefile.cvs, then a ./configure to 
try and generate sane makefiles, but the ./configure doesn't create files in 
my new subdirectory - not sure why. I got around it by renaming the dir to 
grepview, doing the make/configure and then renaming back. Did I miss 

2. Create a factory class, based on grepview's version.

This was nice and easy :-)

3. Create a .rc file to alter the menu.

Again, I based mine on grepview and altered as needed.

4. Create a .desktop file.

Based it on grepview and changed what I thought needed changing...

5. Create a kdevComponent based class to act as your component.

Here's where it starts to go pear shaped. I have copied grepview's version of 
this and commented out a fair whack of the code till I get some hints. 
grepview creates a widget based on ProcessView, which doesn't seem to be 
entirely appropriate for my stuff.  I'm guessing I need to create a widget, 
but don't know what kind to use, when it will be activated, when it 
deactivates, etc.

6. Do a big fat make...and watch the errors pile in :-)

7. make install

Do I have to do a make install each time to test my work? This seems odd. Is 
there a way to set the project up so it executes the latest compiled version 
of my code, rather than me having to make install all the time?

Plenty of dumb questions there...but I'm still coming to grips with all this 
stuff, and there's a large codebase with very little docs. If you guys can 
provide me with the right hints and guidance, I'll type up some FAQs.

As always, thanks.

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