Why is this code giving me grief?

Ivan Hawkes linuxgroupie at ivanhawkes.com
Mon Dec 4 23:46:14 UTC 2000

On Monday 04 December 2000 10:27 pm, you wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
> You must update to KDE-2.1 cvs-version from yesterday. Bernd build in
> some things in KDev2 which are only available from that day.
> ....and you use KDE-2.0 or 2.0.1...
> Ciao,
>   F at lk

OK, thanks. I've just finished getting kdelibs, kdebase and kdesupport from 
the CVS servers, and will compile them tonight...big compile. Silly question 
- do I need to run these as my KDE desktop?

> Ivan Hawkes wrote:
> > ARRRGG...I just want to compile a copy of the thing so I can merge my
> > project into it.
> >
> > When I compile KDevelop 2.0 (anon CVS) I get two compile errors  which
> > are related to the code below.

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