Bug Tracking for KDev2

Ivan Hawkes linuxgroupie at ivanhawkes.com
Mon Dec 4 20:58:14 UTC 2000

On Monday 04 December 2000  8:48 pm, you wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
> It's better if you compile kdevelop with debugging enabled (--enable_debug)
> but...
> is this a problem with kde2.0 vs kde2.1? What version of kde are you using,
> cvs HEAD or released?
> jbb
I'm using the KDE 2.0 release (100MB download!!!) which I then compiled on my 
machine, for maximum chance of it all working nicely. I'm freshening my CVS 
copy right now, and will try to compile again with --enable_debug set on. 
I'll let you know what comes of that.

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