Bug Tracking for KDev2

Ivan Hawkes linuxgroupie at ivanhawkes.com
Mon Dec 4 01:34:43 UTC 2000

Hi guys,

I've been working away at the bug tracking feature I was talking about 
earlier and have got a 'first cut' ready (kind of). It's currently hard coded 
in a couple of places (the XML file and my contact details) and is a 
stand-alone program too :-< The latest version of Kdev2 is compiling then 
segfaulting when I run it, so I can't really start work on integrating 
BugList into the main body of code yet. I also don't have write access to 
CVS, but at least now you can see some code, and think about whether you'd 
like to hand out write access.

I've uploaded the code into the incoming area of your FTP server, in a file 
called buglist-0.9.0.tar.gz so grab it and have a quick look. You will have 
to change the XML file location to get it working...

So what is it? It's a reasonably simple bug tracking program that will work 
on a locally stored version of an XML file. I'm hoping that CVS will allow 
the individual developers to raise bugs and change their details, without 
tromping over other peoples changes. i.e. it should be much like any other 
source file in a project.

Each developer has their initials put into the XML with a counter to track 
which ID they should assign for their next bug. This will stop ID collisions. 
At present, once bugs are fixed, they are simply deleted to keep the file 
size reasonable. Plans are to include mail out of bug fix details to 
interested parties, and possible archiving of these old bugs.

Plans for the future...obviously merge it as a component into the main code 
body. Put in a configuration screen. Get better date handling.

Anyway, it's my first Linux program...so let me know what you think so far.

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