I'm back :-)

Bernd Gehrmann bernd at physik.hu-berlin.de
Tue Aug 15 12:14:31 UTC 2000

Two things:

- I've rewritten the class tree so that it supports namespaces
  correctly (plus several other bonus features). The old one
  used QListViewItem's which aren't capabable of holding the
  fully scoped identifier names, so some major modifications
  were necessary. 
  Now there are two view modes: by category and by namespace
  (to try this, start kdevelop in the kdevelop directory and
  'open' any project; this will parse kdevelop/parts/classview/test.cpp). 
  Unfortunately, the global namespace doesn't seem to be
  accessible via the class store. There is a globalContainer,
  but this contains all items in _all_ namespaces. Any idea?

- I was under the impression that the Objective C stuff was
  in the KDevelop1 branch. Apparently, it isn't. Since this
  patch is around now for a year or so, are there any plans
  to incorporate this in a release? 
  I will try to merge the classparser/tokenizer part of the
  patch into KDevelop2, but in some other areas I think it
  is a bit suboptimal. For example, I doubt anybody uses
  C++ and Objective C in the same project, so a check box
  for Objective C in the 'New Class' seems to be quite sense-
  less. Instead, I would prefer to make C, C++, Objective C and
  'Qt-C++' (C++ with signals and slots) dialects of the same
  language. This has the advantage that e.g. the 'Add method' dialog
  can leave out boxes for signals in a plain C++ project
  after it has asked the language plugin via


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