tree view in current cvs version is quite buggy

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at
Sun Apr 9 14:39:48 UTC 2000


I don´t want to grumble but the tree view is getting buggy more and more
from day to day.

1. Please, try this (I did it in a KDE2-mini project): remove some files
from a project in LFV (not remove from HD)
                     --> then the CV is not updated
                     --> rebuild (-all) works wrong

2. Adding new files in such a project (see above) removes all existing
files in the LFV !

3. In a my CUSTOMER project, the sources are in ~/project/src and the
headers in ~/project/include (see the qextmdi project from my homepage).
That´s why the CV tree shows subtrees "src" and "include". Well,
changing in headers completely confuses the CV. After a header change I
cannot access .cpp files any more. Only a restart of KDevelop helps.

I think that is a step backwards.


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